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My Philosophy

Armed with a B.F.A. from Elon University & an extensive background in Meisner, Stanislavsky & Improv Comedy, I aim to empower students in delivering authenticity, vulnerability & truth. Together we'll explore crafting moment-to-moment performances through listening & responding honestly. By shifting focus to your scene partner through active listening, I will teach you how to free yourself from preconceived, pre-planned notions so your "acting," becomes truthful "reacting." Of course-- it is only after necessary preparation & rigorous memorization that this state of liberation can be achieved.

Whether it's a monologue, scene, or song-- I will show you how to break down every moment so that your intention, subtext & needs are clear. At a visceral level, our goal is to evoke emotion in our audience-- inspiring & awing them-- to form a connection that allows our story to be transferred in a meaningful & human way. I would love nothing more than to help you achieve this while bringing your authentic self to any character or piece of work thrown your way.


Audition Technique

It's that necessary evil of the business. The thing that can leave us elated & hopeful or feeling defeated and helpless. But the audition process doesn't have to feel so heavy-- it should actually be FUN! I can help you reframe this experience into something enjoyable by teaching you how to command the room, live your power & as Elsa says, "let it go." :)

Performing Through Song

It's an art: emoting through song. A delicate beast. A lot of things can get in our way of telling a story authentically through song-- even the SINGING! My approach has always been story first, singing second. Nothing is more moving than watching someone who is fully connected to what they are singing about. How do you get there? I'll help you by breaking down key parts of the text & highlighting color words that allow you to make active choices in your performance. More importantly, I'll help you find a way to use your own personal experience to imbue your performance with truth & vulnerability.

The Business of Art

Pursuing a career in music theatre & acting takes a lot of courage, time & hard work. And a lot of that hard work-- training & auditioning-- doesn't pay the bills. In fact, it COSTS. Being successful in the arts doesn't mean being the best actor, singer or dancer. The industry is cut throat & you have to prepare yourself for reality. Let me share with you what I've learned over the past 20 years working as a professional actor when it comes to things like survival jobs, side hustles, creating opportunities, mental health, perseverance & your support system.

Empowering Youth through Improv & Love

Improv Comedy is a passion of mine that I've studied & performed since high school. The benefits of learning and practicing improv at its core can help you become a better listener (and therefore actor), a more supportive scene partner, a braver performer/risk taker & a problem solver. I have led countless improv seminars for young children and adults filled with short-form games/warmups as well as long-form improv exercises and formats. My approach focuses on support, compassion & truth. Comedy will naturally unfold if we just play the reality of the situation.


I'd love to work with you and your students in a masterclass setting to pass along as much of the knowledge I've gained from my schooling & professional theatre/life experience. It truly takes a village and I would be nowhere without the support and teachings of my mentors who have encouraged me to continue to follow my dream. I would love to be a part of your success story.

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